New PDF release: 1975 Seminary Transcripts of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

By Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche
Hinayana Mahayana

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That seems to be one of our basic reference points, a sense that everything is so clunky and so unyielding, that things are so fucked up, I suppose we could say. We would like to have a certain vision of how things should be, obviously. We would like to have a greater vision in this world, in accordance with our own particular ideology, our socialistic or artistic or political or spiritual vision. We would like to see this world as a good world and our friends as good friends, who understand and who are completely adjusted to our world, the fantastic world that we have envisioned.

And then they settle down and begin to relate with their father. They begin to run around the room and to relax and socialize and to explore the whole place, all the rooms that are in the house. their father was, was the same place they were living before. It was their mother's place. That seems to be the same kind of thing. We are there 28 already but we have to be convinced. We have to be shed completely of our struggles and distrustfulness. So that is the journey. Q: I have a definite sense of a journey which is somewhat, feels kind of mystical.

Sometimes it is a good journey, a smooth straightforward road, and occasionally obstacles come up. So basically the path is life experience. That is to say, it is the basic pa:th that exists, carved out of the samsaric world. Basically, the world is a samsaric world. And within that samsaric world, a road is being created, a particular highway is being introduced. So in the midst of this basic samsaric countryside, a path has been cut through-which we might call the spiritual path. It seems that once the path has already been prepared for us, once it has been cut and laid out, with an occasional bridge here or there, or an occasional tunnel here or there-once that path exists, then we also need to have some form of vehicle by which to travel along that path.

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