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By Selman Akbulut

ISBN-10: 0198784864

ISBN-13: 9780198784869

This publication offers the topology of gentle 4-manifolds in an intuitive self-contained manner, constructed over a few years by means of Professor Akbulut. The textual content is aimed toward graduate scholars and specializes in the educating and studying of the topic, giving an instantaneous method of buildings and theorems that are supplemented by way of workouts to aid the reader paintings in the course of the information no longer lined within the proofs.

The publication features a hundred color illustrations to illustrate the guidelines instead of delivering long-winded and almost certainly uncertain factors. Key effects were chosen that relate to the cloth mentioned and the writer has supplied examples of ways to examine them with the recommendations built in previous chapters.

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3. 15, show that Σ(2, 3, 7) ≈ ∂E10 . 16, show that ∂E10 ≈ M 4 , where M 4 is a manifold obtained from E8 by attaching a pair of 2-handles, and M has the intersection form of E8 # (S 2 × S 2 ). 4. 17, construct a closed, simply connected, smooth manifold with signature −16 and the second Betti number 22. 18. 5. 18). 6. 20, show that Σ(2, 3, 11) bounds a definite manifold with intersection form E8 ⊕ (−1), and also bounds a smooth simply connected manifold with signature −16 and the second Betti number 20.

Published 2016 by Oxford University Press. 3 we get a handlebody picture of T 2 × B 2 , and proceeding in a similarly way we get a handlebody of Fg × B 2 , where Fg denotes the surface of genus g. g 0 0 T2 ... 1. 4 are twisted D 2 bundles over S 2 , RP2 , and Fg , respectively (more specifically they are all Euler class k D 2 -bundles). 4 20 ... 1 Plumbing For i = 1, 2 let Di ↪ Ei → Si be two Euler class ki disk bundles over the 2-spheres Si , and ≈ let Bi ⊂ Si be the disks giving the trivializations Ei ∣Bi → Bi × Di .

By removing Fg × D 2 from each, we write M =⌣∂ Ej , where each Ej is a Fg bundle over T02 , then we perform gluing operations along the boundaries, as described in Chapter 3. 2 p Fg ... e. Hg is the solid handlebody bounding Fg , and f ∶ Fg → Fg is a diffeomorphism (see Chapter 5). 5. Show that any oriented circle bundle M 4 over Y 3 is a union of two copies of S 1 × Hg glued along their boundaries by a diffeomorphism. 19). 0 0 0 ...

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