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When D. B. Jaya­ tilaka returned to Ceylon, Ananda Metteya took over the Editorship jointly with Captain Ellam. The house at Peny­ wem Road was given up; meetings were organized at the Emerson Club, and later at the Minerva Caffi, Bury Street, 48 A BUDDHIST STUDENTS* MANUAL opposite the British Museum. A series of special meetings was organized to make known the work of the Society to the general public, the first being held at the Caxton Hall with Dr. W. A. de Silva, the newly elected President of the Society, in the Chair.

The Branch never attained a large member­ ship, but a study circle managed to meet regularly until 1914. Other Branches were opened in Edinburgh and Cambridge, but neither long survived. Dr. Greenly reports th at both were founded by students from the East, and when they lelt without having found successors the work died out. The same fate befell Branches opened at Oxford and Manchester. T he THE DEVELOPMENT OF BUDDHISM IN ENGLAND W o r k o f t h e S o c ie t y 39 Reports of the early work of the Society show a remarkable Secretariat.

This weakness dogged him all his life, and its attacks were terrible to see. At an early age he was given heroin to relieve the intensity of these spasms, and this drug was destined to mar the greatness and all but kill the mind and body of a man who, but for it, might have become the St. Augustine of the Dhamma, yet because of it made but little impression on his day. To be given a drug to relieve an attack makes the sufferer want a supply to use on himself the next time an attack seems imminent.

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