A commentary on the plays of Sophocles by Professor James C. Hogan B.A. M.A. Ph.D. PDF

By Professor James C. Hogan B.A. M.A. Ph.D.

ISBN-10: 080931665X

ISBN-13: 9780809316656

James C. Hogan introduces every one play by way of highlighting particular and interpretive difficulties suitable to that play earlier than turning to a line-by-line research. the road research is finished, starting from the meanings of phrases and words that pertain to quite a few Greek principles and associations to metaphor and imagery particular to every play in addition to plots and borrowings from past poetry, types, and characterizations.Along along with his exam of the seven extant performs of Sophocles in English translations, Hogan offers a normal creation to the theatre in Sophocles’ time, discussing staging, the conventions of the Greek theatre, the textual content of the performs, and mythology and faith.

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Perhaps this last play creaks a bit from the Page 21 load of dramatic incident, but the character of the old king and the varied and violent action guarantee its success in the theater. What particularly fascinates us about Oedipus in the Colonus is his attitude toward his crimes. In the Oedipus the King the discovery brings violent guilt: he would kill Jocasta if she were not quicker, and his self-blinding is followed by a demand that he be cast from the city, self-cursed and loathsome to himself, his countrymen and his family.

SophoclesCriticism and interpretation I. Title. 48-1984. Page v For Aurelia Page vii Contents Acknowledgments ix The Theater of Sophocles 3 A Note on the Commentary 16 Oedipus the King 19 Oedipus at Colonus 79 Antigone 126 Ajax 178 The Women of Trachis 225 Electra 270 Philoctetes 312 Bibliography 363 Subject Index 375 Index of Proper Names 382 Index of Greek Words 385 Page ix Acknowledgments I wish to thank friends and colleagues who have helped me in the preparation of this commentary. Janet Bean and Rosalind Macken typed the manuscript and provided invaluable assistance with the computer programs.

As the chorus sings, Oedipus, you are my pattern of this. (OK 1193) Viewed retrospectively, these examples of success and suffering have the aspect of fated as well as fatal patterns. Although Aristotle says little or nothing about fate and the gods, modern readers are intrigued, and perhaps a little puzzled, by Greek attitudes toward human destiny. At times our texts seem to say that man's lot is his own doing; at other times the gods seem to determine the human condition; elsewhere we find talk of an impersonal, objective destiny that affects not only man but the gods as well.

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A commentary on the plays of Sophocles by Professor James C. Hogan B.A. M.A. Ph.D.

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