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ISBN-13: 9781118697634

Characterised via transparent and obtainable reasons, a number of examples and pattern sentences, a brand new part on sign up and tone, and worthy appendices overlaying themes together with age and time, "A finished French Grammar, 6th Edition" is an critical software for complex scholars of French language and literature.A revised variation of this proven, bestselling French grammarIncludes a brand new part on check in and medium and gives accelerated remedy of French punctuationFeatures a variety of examples and pattern sentences, and beneficial appendices masking subject matters together with age, time, and measurement, all on hand in an easily-navigable formatWritten by way of well known French student, Glanville fee

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Opt. -οίμην -οιο -οιτο -οίμεθα -οισθε -οιντο nonfinite part. nom. sing. (§36) masc. -όμενος fem. -ομένη neut. -όμενον inf. -εσθαι Future passive • aorist passive stem (sixth principal part minus temporal augment and ending) + endings in chart below 1st sing. 2nd sing. 3rd sing. 1st pl. 2nd pl. 3rd pl. indic. opt. -ήσομαι -ήσῃ/-ήσει -ήσεται -ησόμεθα -ήσεσθε -ήσονται -ησοίμην -ήσοιο -ήσοιτο -ησοίμεθα -ήσοισθε -ήσοιντο nonfinite part. nom. sing. (§36) masc. -ησόμενος fem.

Stem: θεντnom. : ἕν stem: ἑντnom. : στάν stem: σταντnom. : βάν stem: βαντnom. : γνόν stem: γνοντ- § 33 Perfect active participle: “having ——ed” • perfect active stem (fourth principal part minus ending) + -ώς -υῖα -ός nom. sing. gen. sing. dat. sing. acc. sing. nom. pl. gen. pl. dat. pl. acc. pl. masc. fem. λελυκώς λελυκότος λελυκότι λελυκότα λελυκότες λελυκότων λελυκόσι(ν) λελυκότας λελυκυῖα λελυκυίας λελυκυίᾳ λελυκυῖαν λελυκυῖαι λελυκυιῶν λελυκυίαις λελυκυίας neut. λελυκός λελυκότος λελυκότι λελυκός λελυκότα λελυκότων λελυκόσι(ν) λελυκότα participles 15 § 34 Present middle-passive participle of regular verb: middle “——ing, ——ing [oneself]”; passive “being ——ed, ——ed” • present stem (first principal part minus ending) + -όμενος -ομένη -όμενον • declines like regular first/second declension adjective (§6) nom.

Sing. gen. sing. dat. sing. acc. sing. nom. pl. gen. pl. dat. pl. acc. pl. ) τριήρης -ους ἡ Περικλῆς -έους ὁ ἔτος -ους τό γῆρας -ως τό τριήρης τριήρους [-εος] τριήρει τριήρη [-εα] τριήρεις [-εες] τριήρων [-εων] τριήρεσι(ν) τριήρεις Περικλῆς [-έης] Περικλέους Περικλεῖ Περικλέα — — — — ἔτος ἔτους [-εος] ἔτει ἔτος ἔτη [-εα] ἐτῶν [-έων] ἔτεσι(ν) ἔτη [-εα] γῆρας γήρως [-αος] γήραι γῆρας γήρα [-αα] γηρῶν [-άων] γήρασι(ν) γήρα [-αα] nouns 21 § 46 Third declension: other stems (examples) nom. sing. gen.

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