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By Klaus-Dieter Mathes

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The significant Indian treatise on Buddha nature is the Ratnagotravibhaga, often referred to as the Uttaratantra, and it truly is this center textual content that Klaus-Dieter Mathes specializes in during this booklet. Mathes demonstrates how its writer, Gö Lotsawa, ties the lessons on Buddha nature in with mainstream Mahayana inspiration whereas keeping off the pitfalls of the zhentong procedure favourite via the Jonang culture. He additionally evaluates Gö Lotsawa’s place on Buddha nature opposed to the historical past of interpretations via masters of the Kagyü, Nyingma, and Jonang schools.

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100 I NT ROD UCTION This stanza taken on its own suggests 'indeed that the cittamiitra teaching is of provisional character (neyiirtha) in that it is compared to a healing agent for a particular disease. 124), which has not been quoted by Candrakirti, sheds a different light on the issue: [This cittamiitra teaching] is neither an object of philosophers nor one of sravakas. , the buddhas) teach [it] by drawing on their own experience. 101 In other words, the Lankiivatiirasiitra takes the main point of the Yogacara teaching as something that can be only experienced by the buddhas, being beyond the reach of an analytical intellect.

157 Zhonu Pal reports in his Blue Annals (namely in the chapter on Dagpo Kagyii) that Marpa received from Maitripa not only tantric teachings, but that Maitripa's mahamudra pith instructions also contributed to Marpa's direct realization of the true nature of mind. 158 In his Ratnagotravibhiigacommentary, Zhonu Pal further informs us that, according to Gotsangpa, Maitripa's mahamudra teachings go back even further, to Saraha and Savaripa. , Savaripa), Nagarjuna, and Candrakirti. 160 Dagpo Tashi Namgyal (Dvags po Bkra shis rnam rgyal) (1512-87) claims in his Zla ba'i 'od zerthat Maitripa received from Savaripa essence mahamudra teachings that were not based on tantras.

The question thus arises how some Madhyamikas could selectively pick certain passages from the above-mentioned siitras instead of endorsing the entire Srimaladevisiitra literally, and thus claim, for example, that buddha nature is empty of all defilements, which are separable, but not of inseparable buddha qualities. PART I THE TIBETAN HISTORICAL CONTEXT 1. The Development of Various Traditions of Interpreting Buddha Nature N THE FIRST PART of my study, I will present the Tibetan historical background necessary for understanding Zhonu Pal's enterprise of commenting on the Ratnagotravibhaga toward his specific ends.

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