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By Albert Stwertka

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Provides the elemental suggestions of chemistry and explains complicated theories ahead of providing a separate article on all the development blocks that make up the universe.

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The mineral known of beryllium, aluminum silicon, silicate. as beryl and oxygen. is Its scientific usually found, like It is complex compound actually a name beryllium is most of the alkaline earth metals, in various mineral deposits distributed over Brazil, Argentina, and the United States. Crystals of beryl several feet long and weighing as much as a More commonly, however, thousand pounds have been found. these crystals are quite small. Bery Ilium was discovered in 1798 by the French chemist who was Louis-Nicolas Yauquelin, investigating the structures of and emerald.

In It is from those better ot the know inhaling this gas usually N 20, has prop- two compounds n as "laughing gas," because a becomes lightheaded and some- 45 Nitrogen what intoxicated Nitrous oxide is sweet odor that dentistry as a I often used is he gas also dissolves with a slightly a stable gas mild anesthetic. cream under pressure, making in w hipped-cream dispensers. as a propellant in is in When it useful the pressure removed by dispensing the cream, the gas bubbles out of forming tion, solu- whipped-cream foam.

Also exists as a triatomic chemical formula of which is (X molecule called ozone, the Unlike ordinary oxygen, ozone has a faintly blue color and a characteristic, brackish odor. be created by passing electrical discharges railroad stations s very reactive such as rubber and fabrics. and during and It is and during periods when there air, it is is can through oxygen and therefore very noticeable near high-voltage electrical subway and It motors is in electrical storms. quite destructive to materials also quite is ,\n harmful to lung excess usually suggested that older people tissue, amount of ozone and children not in the 49 Oxygen engage in any strenuous physical activity that deep inhalation of o/one.

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