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By Christopher Pountain

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A background of the Spanish Language via Texts examines the evolution of the Spanish language from the center a long time to the current day. Pountain explores a variety of texts from poetry, via newspaper articles and political files, to a Bunuel movie script and a love letter. With keypoints and a cautious indexing and cross-referencing procedure this e-book can be utilized as a freestanding historical past of the language independently of the illustrative texts themselves.

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Dative form SIBI and may represent [siβi] with the intervocalic [β] still present; Mozarabic texts have the forms mib and tib. It is certainly Romance; Latin would have used the ablative after IN (IN SE¯). Keypoint: personal pronouns (p. 284). 4 The exact meaning of cuempetet is hard to determine: the gloss presumably means something like ‘a man should not rely on his own judgement’. Contar ˘ MPU ˘ TO] ‘to calculate’ must have evolved semantically through the < Lat. [CO stages ‘to count off’ → ‘to count on’, ‘rely on’; it also developed in a slightly different semantic direction to ‘to give an account of’ → ‘to relate’.

4) < Lat. 3) < Lat. HA ˘ RTOS [HO ˘ RTUS] provide clear evidence of the loss of initial /h/ – as we HO would expect, since this loss had already taken place within Latin (Allen 1978: 43–5). 5 Pescarias || MSp. 4) < Lat. PI˘SCA ¯ ˘ ¯ ˘ semdario || MSp. 5) < Lat. SEMITARIU[S] have spellings which reflect the original Latin form in their ending -ario/a(s) but otherwise show expected phonetic changes: in pescaria unstressed /ı˘/ has changed to /e/; in semdario /t/ has undergone lenition to /d/ and there is syncope of Latin unstressed /i/ in the second syllable; eglesia || MSp.

Collect the barrels which are stored; cork them again and seal them with your ring; and see the ‘tegolas’ that are crushed with the ‘fibola’, as I sent them. Order that Meracius to come from Tiliata (Tejeda) so that someone from Siriola can help there (and one Atmantius of ours). Send Pesitula and that Ammica of yours to the boundaries. ]. 2, vs. 3, vs. 6) suggests both (a) that the Latin distinction between /k/ and /kw/ was no longer made in this context and (b) that the writer was aware of this, as a result of which he hypercorrects the c of collige to qu.

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