A Song for the King: Saraha on Mahamudra Meditation - download pdf or read online

By Thrangu Rinpoche, Michele Martin, Peter O\'Hearn

ISBN-10: 0861715039

ISBN-13: 9780861715039

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We might see visions, we might hear extraordinary sounds, and we might experience cognitive states that are unprecedented. But none of these experiences have any use whatsoever in themselves. The only purpose of practice is to recognize the nature of mind. If, impressed with transitory experiences, we allow ourselves to be diverted from that single intention, we will be mistaking a hoofprint for the ocean. GROUND MA H AMUDRA 55 Identifying the Meaning of the Ground Within this extensive presentation of the ground, the previous four verses were all concerned with pointing out the danger of standing the ground and the need tion we will look at verses II to misunde r~ abandon these errors.

When bees take nectar from the flowers they find, they PUt it into their mouths, so they are very dose to enjoying it. But they never actually do so. They give it to others, and therefore, from their point of view, their collection of the nectar is pointless. Unlike the bees, when practicing medita[ion, we m ust drink the ultimate nectar: we must real ize the mind's nature. If we become attached to conditioned bliss, which is a temporary experience of intense well-being. then this attachment to a temporary state will prevent us from actually experienci ng the true result of meditation practice.

The situation is fundamentally the same whether the experiences arise through the path of method or through the practice of tranquility and insight. As, long as we become attached to any meditation experience, we are like a bee that collects honey but never gets to consume it. The contrary is also true: if we are not attached to the experiences in meditation, we are like a bee that actually gets to consume the honey. ATTACHMENT TO WHAT 8. Is TO BE TAKEN OR GIVEN UP H aving gone astray, the animals do not create suffering; On the basis of this human life, experts create suffering.

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