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Sometimes the bulging cornea pulsates w i t h the arterial pulse, and this has been demonstrated on a Schiötz tonometer. I n a suspected case of conical cornea examination should be made w i t h the patient in profile, when the corneal protrusion often becomes obvious. T h e condition is frequently bilateral, but one e y e is usually more affected than its fellow. P A T H O L O G Y . — I n the bulging area the cornea is thinned t o about a quarter o f its normal thickness and Descemet's membrane is either ruptured or absent.

S I G N S A N D S Y M P T O M S . — T h e first s y m p t o m is irritation, lacrimation, and photophobia, w i t h marked conjunctival inflammation and ciliary congestion. A t this stage a few greyish areas o f infiltration m a y appear anywhere in the cornea, and these areas tend t o coalesce until the whole cornea appears t o be affected. A f t e r a f e w weeks the cornea m a y resemble * ground g l a s s ' and sometimes becomes so opaque that a v i e w of the iris is difficult or impossible.

T R E A T M E N T is b y the injection o f 200,000 units o f calciferol per d a y . * DOUGLAS, Α . Α . , Paper read to Midland Ophthalmological Society, 1950. 40 DISEASES OF THE CORNEA Franconi's Syndrome, continued. P R O G N O S I S is not good, for the condition usually affects the kidneys and other organs. V. DYSTROPHIES T h r e e varieties are described : — ( 1 ) (2) Endothelial ; ( 3 ) Familial. Epithelial (Fuchs) ; 1, 2. E p i t h e l i a l ( F u c h s ) a n d E n d o t h e l i a l . — T h e s e are uncomm o n and obscure conditions of a degenerative nature.

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