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Is loose and delicate, containing no fat. The palpebral fibres o f the orbicularis oculi run parallel to the palpebral fissure. The submuscular areolar tissue communicates with the subaponeurotic layer of the scalp. It is traversed by the fibres of the levator, palpebrae superioris and the nerves to the eyelids, and through this plane the lid can be halved into an anterior and posterior portion. The fibrous layer consists of the thickened tarsal plate and peripheral part, the palpebral fascia {septum orbitale).

458. 3. , Dry eye disorders. M. A. B. Saunders, Philadelphia, 1994, p. 257. 4. ), Warwick, R. L. ), Longm an, London, 1973. 5. , The lacrimal secretory system and its treatment, Am. J. , 62: 47, 1966. 6 . , Physiology of the tear film, in The Cornea, Smolin, G. A. , Boston, 1983. 4. ANATOMY OF THE CONJUNCTIVA12 The conjunctiva (Lat. conjunctivus, serving to connect) is a thin and transparent mucous membrane, conjoining the eyelid to the globe and its epithelium is continuous with that of the cornea.

Normal secretion is sufficient to keep the eyeball moist. The collection near the inner canthus, lacus lacrimalis, and movement into the lacrimal passages are caused by: (a) capillarity, (b) gravity, (c) blinking due to orbicularis contraction, (d) dilatation of the lacrimal sac occurs due to pull on the lacrimal fascia owing to the contraction of Homer’s muscle and tear is drawn into the resulting vacuum and (e) m ovement o f tear into the nasolacrimal duct is due to relaxation o f the negative pressure within the sac when the eyes are open.

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