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By Carl Gustav Jung

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Vol. 11, col. 1590): "In anima, non in corpore impressus sit imaginis conditoris character" (The character of the image of the Creator is imprinted on the soul, not on the body). (Cf. trans, by H. Chad- wick, p. G V vol. 13, col. 1820): "Si considerem Dominum Salvatorem imaginem esse invisibilis Dei, et videam anirnam meam factam ad imaginem conditoris, ut imago esset imaginis: neque enim anima mea specialiter imago est Dei, sed ad similitudinem imaginis prioris effecta est" (If I consider that the Lord and Saviour is the image of the invisible God, I see that my soul is made after the image of the Creator, so as to be an image of an image; for my soul is not directly the image of God, but is made after the likeness of the former image).

Where man knows himself to be made after the image of God, . , vol. 11, col. , vol. 12, col. G. f vol. is, col. 107): "Imago autem Dei invisibilis salvaior" (But the sistence of God). In est ergo alia imago image of the invisible God is the saviour). 10 in Gen. , vol. 12, col. 155): "Is autem qui aci imaginem Dei factus est et ad similitudinem, interior homo nostcr est, invisibilis et incorporalis, et incorruptus atque immortalis" (But that which is made after the image and similitude of God is our inner man, invisible, incorporeal, incorrupt, and immortal).

In this alive in us 19 AION paid for in advance with a neurosis, The autonomy 40 if not with something worse. of the collective unconscious expresses itself anima and animus. They personify those of its contents which, when withdrawn from projection, can be integrated into consciousness. To this extent, both figures represent -functions which filter the contents of the collective unconin the figures of scious through to the conscious mind. They appear or behave as such, however, only so long as the tendencies of the conscious and unconscious do not diverge too arise, these functions, mind in personified harmless form and greatly.

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