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By Frank D. Grosshans

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The invariant idea of non-reductive teams has its roots within the nineteenth century yet has noticeable a few very attention-grabbing advancements some time past 20 years. This e-book is an exposition of a number of similar subject matters together with observable subgroups, prompted modules, maximal unipotent subgroups of reductive teams and the strategy of U-invariants, and the complexity of an motion. a lot of this fabric has no longer seemed formerly in e-book shape. The exposition assumes a uncomplicated wisdom of algebraic teams after which develops every one subject systematically with purposes to invariant concept. workouts are incorporated in addition to many examples, a few of that are regarding geometry and physics.

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2] for further details and further references. 4 we introduce the important notions of nilpotent τ -sheaf and of nil-isomorphism. 5 where we introduce the category of A-crystals. This is the category for which we shall in the following lectures investigate the cohomological formalism introduced in [8]. From this section on, until the end of Lecture 7, the symbol A will again denote the localization of a finitely generated k-algebra. 1 Motivation II The objects of Cohτ (X, A) are pairs of a coherent OX×C -module and an endomorphism.

Here Γ Spec Fq 1 , t , Fm θ = θ m Fq 1 ,t . 3. Extension by zero (It would suffice to consider a formal neighborhood of ∞. ) On P1 {0, ∞}, we have θm f 1 ,t θ τ ⊗n −→ t − θ n qm θ f 1 ,t θq = θ(q−1)m+n θm t −1 θ n f 1 ,t . θq For the right-hand expression to lie in θm Fq θ1 , t , one needs (q − 1)m + n ≤ 0. For it also to be zero at ∞ one requires (q − 1)m + n < 0. This leads to m< −n . q−1 Lecture 4 Derived Categories and Derived Functors In [8] we carefully develop derived categories of τ -sheaves and (quasi-)crystals and derived functors between such categories.

16. Let x = Spec kx with kx a finite field, let A be artinian and consider F , G ∈ Cohτ (x, A). (a) There exists a unique direct sum decomposition F = F ss ⊕ F nil such that F ss is semisimple and F nil is nilpotent. The summands are called the semisimple part and the nilpotent part of F , respectively. (b) The decomposition in (a) is functorial in F . 40 Lecture 5. Flatness (c) Any nil-isomorphism F → G induces an isomorphism F ss → G ss . (d) The construction induces a functor Crys(x, A) → Cohτ (x, A) : F → F ss .

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