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By Mario Baldassarri (auth.)

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Algebraic geometry has continuously been an ec1ectic technological know-how, with its roots in algebra, function-theory and topology. except early resear­ ches, now a couple of century outdated, this pretty department of arithmetic has for a few years been investigated mainly via the Italian institution which, by way of its pioneer paintings, in accordance with algebro-geometric equipment, has succeeded in build up an impressive physique of data. fairly except its intrinsic curiosity, this possesses excessive heuristic worth because it represents a necessary step in the direction of the fashionable achievements. a undeniable loss of rigour within the c1assical tools, specially in regards to the rules, is basically justified by means of the artistic impulse published within the first phases of our topic; a similar phenomenon could be saw, to a better or much less volume, within the old improvement of the other technology, mathematical or non-mathematical. at least, in the c1assical area itself, the rules have been later explored and consolidated, largely through SEVERI, on strains that have often encouraged extra investigations within the summary box. approximately twenty-five years in the past B. L. VAN DER WAERDEN and, later, O. ZARISKI and A. WEIL, including their colleges, validated the equipment of recent summary algebraic geometry which, rejecting the c1assical restrict to the advanced groundfield, gave up geometrical instinct and undertook arithmetisation less than the starting to be effect of summary algebra.

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Moreover if h is an integer such that 0 ::;;; h ::;;; d, then there is some projective model V' of Rk(V) on whieh the centre of p has dimension h. The point (x P) is the generic point over k of the centre of the valuation v associated with p. 2. The Definition of Linear System 27 H d = r - 1 the place p is called a k-prime divisor which is called of the first or of the second kind according as dirn (x p) = r - 1 or dirn (x p) < r - 1. The number of the divisors of the first kind associated with an (r - 1)-dimensional k-subvariety W of V is finite in number and is precisely 1 whenever V is locally k-normal (in particular simple) along W: in such a case the valuation ring of the place is the local ring of Won V.

R+l) be null at P, observing that it is not identically null over V because the system L has been supposed simple: i. e. the functions F o,' •. , F .. , I are 38 IV. The Geometrie Genus functionally independent over V'. Then the cycle determined by the system IW = 0, IW = 0 is defined: it contains the cycles D and 5; the residue, after these have been substracted, is still an (r - 1)dimensional cycle. This cycle is called the I aeobian eycle of Land is denoted by Cj if C is a member of L. b) Here we prove: (ii) The I aeobian eycles 01 alt the r-dimensional linear systems L eontained in a simple linear system L on V', belong to one and the same linear equivalenee class 01 V'.

We know that the condition is certainly satisfied if H is k-simple on V (I, 7) and thus the simple lundamental loeus 01 T eoineides with the base loeus 01 L, outside k-eurves or base k-points singular on V. The above theorem now becomes a particular case of the following, referred to an arbitrary linear system on V: Given a linear system Ljk, without lixed eomponents, on Vjk, it is possible, by using only M. T. to translorm V into a variety V* in sueh a manner that: 1. 11 L * is the eorresponding system, Iree Irom any lixed eomponents, every base point 01 L * arises Irom a singular point 01 V; 2.

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